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Justine Wagner

Lead Agent


Justine Wagner is a Sales Associate in the sales team at Place Karalee.

Working previously in reception and sales support within the industry, Justine is thriving in the sales space where she can explore her passion for connecting with and helping others.

An avid follower of local real estate, property and design, Justine is passionate about people and enjoys being a part of her client's journey whilst they navigate the process of buying, selling or investing in one of their biggest assets.

Justine’s compassionate and loyal personality and her pro-active ability to establish a rapport with buyers equates to successful outcomes for her vendors. Justine has a strong personal connection to her area of focus and it is this extensive local knowledge that is appreciated by sellers and buyers.

Outside of the office, Justine is a mother of three, enjoys seeing her children thrive and loves spending time discovering new places.

Whether Justine is assisting her clients sell their one-bedroom apartment or their family home, she consistently exceeds expectations and ensuring her clients see the best result possible is always her core focus.

Alongside the team at Place Karalee, Justine is eager to assist you with your property needs.

Justine Wagner

Lead Agent

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