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Jesse Sherring

Lead Agent


For the first 9 months of his journey with Place Property Jesse worked assisting Principal Andrew Degn, absorbing the real estate knowledge and acquiring industry skills which Andrew has amassed through a lifetime in the field.

Having learnt from the best, Jesse quickly went on to become an agent and begin successfully negotiating his own sales. He is already showing strong results in the competitive western suburbs of Brisbane. He is able to leverage his solid knowledge of the local real estate market and draw on industry connections to optimise the outcomes for his clients. He may be one of the most recent additions to the Place Property family, but he is already an integral member and continues to strengthen his skills though teamwork.

A successful agent in his own right, Jesse is truly up-and-coming, and brings his total devotion to each and every sale. Jesse takes care to always provide the highest level of service for his clients, consistently going one step further than the rest, relying on openness and clear communication. His genuine manner, superior attention to detail and committed approach put him head and shoulders above other Brisbane agents.

His clients describe him as honest, confident, energetic and sincere. These attributes, as well as a complete and utter dedication to his clients, set Jesse up for a prolific and successful real estate career.

Jesse cares deeply about Brisbane’s community, taking part in local events and upholding civic values. As a retired service man, Jesse has significant involvement in ANZAC celebrations each year. He is a respected member of the community and invested in optimising sales outcomes for the benefit of the neighbourhood.

Jesse Sherring

Lead Agent

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