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Aaron Woolard

Lead Agent, New Farm

Aaron Woolard, Lead Agent at Place New Farm, is an industry professional that has been achieving record results in the thriving Brisbane property market for nearly a decade. He specialises in the inner-city postcodes, providing a competitive edge thanks to his in-depth local knowledge and marketing savvy.

He is a trustworthy and highly educated agent, and, together with his team, he is committed to exceeding client expectations. His approach is hands on, offering expert guidance through the entire sales process while he and his team go above and beyond to achieve results. He understands that each property is different and tailors his approach to suit the unique needs of each client and their property.

What sets Aaron apart from his peers, though, is his highly approachable nature and undeniable integrity. He prides himself on the stellar reputation he has developed over the course of his highly successful career. From gaining national recognition as a Rising Star in the industry to securing the top salesperson for Place New Farm; he has achieved this success through honesty, diligence and natural charisma.

He is a passionate member of the local community, living and working in the New Farm area. When he’s not walking his dog through these vibrant neighbourhoods, he dabbles in the booming café and restaurant culture. In fact, it is this insider perspective that makes Aaron so astute in selling these prized Brisbane suburbs.

As a licensed real estate agent armed with superior market knowledge and effortless communication skills, Aaron Woolard consistently delivers for his clients.

Aaron Woolard

Lead Agent

You were always extremely professional and friendly. I felt that the quality of the marketing package offered by Place was well thought out and put together and there seemed to be better opportunity to promote my property across the company rather than just through a single office. I was also extremely impressed with your sales strategy, particularly given the degree of uncertainty around the sale price. That strategy has proven to have been 100% correct.


Obviously though it goes without saying that I can't believe the property was sold within a week. Moreover I genuinely expected to get $10K less than we actually did. Your personal experience showed through when I would have accepted the offer on the table but you felt we could get $5K more, and you did. You were also always very professional and respectful when talking about the buyer, and I suspect your respect towards others creates a better relationship with the potential buyer.

- Roddy

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