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Home Loans

Your Place agent is here to help you find the home and we are here to find you the loan.

With hundreds of great mortgage products across a selection of more than 30 lenders, the team at Time Home Loans are here to help you secure the place of your dreams with a great loan that works for you.

To find out more about what loans are out there that could see you moving in to your new place, simply enquire here and we will get in touch.

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Are you ready to be the winning bidder?

If you’re planning on bidding at an auction then not only does it pay to be ready to bid, it pays to know with 100% clarity what you can bid up to. We’re here to help you be the winning bidder and to learn more, click here.

Don’t miss out, have a 7-day finance clause.

In a competitive market you need to be ready to act quickly and make the strongest possible offer. With our guidance and help you may be in a position to make offers subject to a really quick, or even no, finance clause. Find out more here.

Bridging the gap?

Sometimes lining up all the ‘ducks’ when buying, selling and moving, in a real estate transaction can be tricky. To find out what’s best for your circumstance give us a call but, in the meantime, check out our comprehensive guide.

Crunch your numbers.

Working out the numbers, the costs, the budget and more can be fun. Which is why we have developed a suite of more than 20 calculators. From savings calculators through to stamp duty and even tax calculators – we can do it all. Check them out here.

Buyers Insurance.

In Queensland, once you have put a property under contract it you need to have some insurance coverage sorted by 5PM one business day after. We can assist you there, easily and quickly. Let’s get you started here.

Conditional Approval.

Having the confidence to make a truly smart move often comes down to being prepared. A conditional, or full approval from one of our lenders, can give you that confidence and we’re here to help you.