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The Brisbane Real Estate Podcast, hosted by Place CEO Damian Hackett, provides buyers and sellers with local Brisbane market information and inside secrets to help you with buying and selling.

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01. Selling Your Home Off Market

In this episode, we are discussing ‘off market listings’, and when to consider it as a sales strategy for your home, as well as how buyers should deal with properties listed in this way. We’re also talking about local Brisbane trends around off market transaction and how it differs from Sydney and Melbourne, and much more!

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02. Social Media For Real Estate

In this episode, we are discussing the importance of social media in the marketing of your home, and why vendors need to consider incorporating social media into the marketing for the sale of their home, among many other important considerations when it comes to social media.

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03. An Overview Of The Brisbane Property Market

In this episode, we chat to Place Advisory Director Lachlan Walker. Lachlan and Damian discuss past Brisbane market trends and what they can tell us about the future of the Brisbane property market. If you are wondering what the Brisbane property market is doing, this is the episode for you!

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