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The Brisbane Real Estate Podcast

Welcome to the Brisbane Real Estate Podcast

The Brisbane Real Estate Podcast, hosted by Place CEO Damian Hackett, provides buyers and sellers with local Brisbane market information and inside secrets to help you with buying and selling.

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13. Brisbane's Infrastructure with Lachlan Walker - Brisbane's present and future projects

In this week's podcast we talk to Lachlan Walker, Head of Research at Place Head Office about the push for Brisbane's infrastructure development from both private and public sectors, and what this means for the future of the city. Lachlan tells us all about the largest infrastructure projects happening in Brisbane and what changes we can expect once the current projects are completed.

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12. Property Management and Rental Advice in Brisbane with Cathie Crampton

In this episode we talk to Cathie Crampton, Director of Property Management at Place Estate Agents about what it takes to be a great property manager. Cathie will also go into detail about key benefits of having your property professionally managed and explain the trends in Brisbane's rental market and changes we can expect in the future.

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11. Deep Dive into the Property Market with demographer Bernard Salt

n this episode, we chat to demographer Bernard Salt, who presented at our 2018 conference. Bernard Salt is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators by business, the media and the broader community and throughout this podcast discusses many trends and shifts over the next decade.

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10. Introducing the Martin Brothers landscaping

In this episode, Damian chats to Will Martin from the Martin Brothers, a landscape business specialising in constructing incredible landscapes through to maintaining the projects long term. If you’ve ever wondered about the landscaping industry, this episode will be informative for you!

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09. The Brisbane Property Update

In this episode, we chat to Place Advisory Director Lachlan Walker. With the release of our Brisbane Market Report, Lachlan discusses the key findings and discusses what’s happening in the Brisbane property market. If you are wondering what the property market is doing, this is the episode for you!

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08. Brisbane Architecture and the Process of Designing a Home

In this episode of The Brisbane Real Estate Podcast we’re speaking with Shaun Lockyer, Founder of Shaun Lockyer Architects. With over 20 years’ experience, Shaun talks about what makes Brisbane architecture unique, and the processes involved with designing a home.

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07. Inside Brisbane’s Leading Property Developments

Having started Aria Property Group 15 years ago, Founder and Managing Director, Tim Forrester, has created some of Brisbane’s leading residential and lifestyle developments. Today, Tim touches on the process of developing these iconic projects, as well as discussing the impact of development on the Brisbane property market.

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06. The Effect of the Royal Commission for Lenders and Borrowers

In this episode, we will be speaking with the Director of Time Home Loans, Ruan Burger about the banking royal commission. Ruan will discuss the changes, what this means for lenders and borrowers and ultimately whether or not this is a positive for the Australian market.

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05. How Property Styling Increases Buyer Interest

In this episode, we will be speaking with property stylist, Jenny Scholten from Coco Republic. Specalising in styling properties for sale, Jenny works closely with sellers and agents to enhance the appeal of a property. Today we will be discussing the process involved with property styling and how it can create more interest when it comes to sale time.

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04. How, When and Why to Auction in the Brisbane Property Market

In this episode, we are discussing how, when and why to auction in the Brisbane property market with Chief Auctioneer, Peter Burgin. After calling over 10,000 auctions, Peter comments on how auction can influence the sale of a property, and what makes the process unique in Brisbane City.

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03. An Overview Of The Brisbane Property Market

In this episode, we chat to Place Advisory Director Lachlan Walker. Lachlan and Damian discuss past Brisbane market trends and what they can tell us about the future of the Brisbane property market. If you are wondering what the Brisbane property market is doing, this is the episode for you!

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02. Social Media For Real Estate

In this episode, we are discussing the importance of social media in the marketing of your home, and why vendors need to consider incorporating social media into the marketing for the sale of their home, among many other important considerations when it comes to social media.

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