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Why People are Flocking to ‘The Avenue’

Friday July 20, 2018 ● By Chelsea Keim // Place Coorparoo


The Avenue is a prestigious pocket in the heart of Sunnybank Hills which has experienced constant demand from the Chinese market. The areas high investment returns, family culture and rich spiritual history has seen The Avenue become particularly popular among Chinese buyers.

As a suburb, Sunnybank Hills has a median house price of $715,000. The Avenue, on the other hand, often sees homes achieve double the median sale price. Kevin Chiu, Sunnybank Hills Real Estate specialist, recently sold a home in the area at a great price.

“43 The Avenue had seven registered bidders and was sold under the hammer at $1.42m. This was a premium result considering the age of the house. It’s no doubt one of the main reasons this home had such a high demand and sold at a high price is due to the location of the home being in The Avenue,” says Mr Chiu.


The Avenue is popular with both live-in owners and overseas investors as it provides great rewards both through rental return and consistent capital growth.  

The Avenue is particularly appealing to families because of its large block sizes and spacious family homes.  According to Mr Chiu, these houses are ideal for multigenerational living which is extremely popular within Chinese culture.

“The Avenue is a prestigious estate in Sunnybank Hills, featuring million dollar and multi-million dollar mansions which have multiple living spaces on reasonably large blocks of land.”

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“Within the Chinese culture space is an important factor of consideration when purchasing a home. This is because many Chinese families choose multigenerational living, meaning they will be living with parents, grandparents and children.”

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Another reason why The Avenue is popular with Chinese buyers, is its ‘positive Feng Shui’. Feng Shui refers to the Chinese belief that strategically positioning objects can positively affect your happiness and success.

According to Feng Shui Specialist, Tom Lo, The Avenue represents good Feng Shui because of the location and positioning of the area.

e0b948174066fb33a53c1ea9df026358Photo Credit: Courier Mail

As he stated in the Courier Mail, Tom Lo says The Avenue is the location of the Dragons Heart.

“This area is right near the heart of the dragon,” Mr Lo said.

“The dragon is facing out towards Hamilton, Ascot — out to sea. The river mouth is where the dragon’s mouth is. Feng Shui welcomes harmony, prosperity and health.

“When you drive into The Avenue, you see the trees over the top of the road connecting like a Buddha’s hands. And the trees coming out of the ground look like a hand with five fingers.”

Feng Shui plays an important part of buying a property. If the buyers don’t feel a sense of tranquillity from the first moment, it’s very unlikely they will want to live in the house. That’s why The Avenue is a very popular choice for Chinese buyers. It starts as soon as you enter the Estate – you instantly feel a sense of peace driving under the treelines and being surrounded by beautiful, luxury mansions and well-maintained parks and playgrounds. The Feng Shui in the Estate truly welcomes harmony, prosperity and health,” says Mr Chiu.

The Avenue’s positive investment returns combined with spacious living and good Feng Shui continues to appeal to the Chinese population of Brisbane.