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Is this Brisbane’s Coolest Local Barber?

Wednesday January 24, 2018 ● By Rachel Avery // Place Newmarket


Author // Rachel Avery for Place Newmarket

There’s nothing worse than getting your haircut in a stuffy barber, featuring all but beige walls and mirrors.

The Shearing Shed, established in 1986, is nothing like that, and it’s because owner Mandy Hastie knows her clientele well.

Mandy says The Shearing Shed looks “like a pool room” in terms of decor.

The walls are decorated with Broncos and other sporting memorabilia; there’s even a free beer while you’re waiting for your haircut (for those 18+ of course).

Mandy prefers cutting men’s hair because they’re not fussy and there’s always a bit of light-hearted banter being thrown around.

We caught up with Mandy and chatted to her about the Shearing Shed, check it out below!