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Maleny | The Ultimate Tree Change

Friday November 24, 2017 ● By My Place Our Place


Author // Shannon Edwards for Place New Farm

‘Magnolia’ is the ultimate country estate in the peaceful town of Maleny.

Named after the magnolia trees that line the roadways of the 95.36 acres, this property is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Annie Greene and her partner Steve Groundwater took over an unfinished project at the property and made it into their ultimate oasis.

The pair had moved from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane for a more peaceful lifestyle.

“It has been the most unbelievable life changing experience,” shares Annie.

We asked this dynamic duo what they’ve loved about living on the property. Check it out!

Having moved from the city to the country, what have you loved most about the change in lifestyle?

Initially, we were both a little unsure how we’d adapt after living and working in Brisbane for so long.

Moving to Maleny has been the most unbelievable life changing experience. The night sky is truly amazing, the sounds, our animals and the total peace is something I didn’t realise existed. The air is so crisp and refreshing.

We watch very little television anymore as there’s just so much to view from the large floor to ceiling glass panels encompassing the home.

We’ve made sure the house is totally fitted out electronically to ensure you can still work and run a business as you would in the city.

Being only an hour’s drive from Brisbane and 30 minutes from the beach, the location provides the best of all worlds.

What initially attracted you to the property?

My partner Steve is a builder and together we’d just finished a Queenslander renovation in Ascot, followed by an extensive renovation of a 50’s bungalow in Clayfield.

Over the years, we’d often drive up to Maleny for lunch. One day we noticed a house under construction that had stalled and sat there for many years.

I saw it for sale and needed someone who wasn’t afraid to take over the build.

In hindsight, we should’ve been very afraid as the build has easily been the biggest and most challenging in our nine project history together.

But the sheer scale of the residence is key to its classic luxury feel from the moment you enter.

What have you loved most about the home?

The home is over 1500sqm, which is perfect for our kids and plenty of friends who tend to come for lunch and stay the night. I love how the house can accommodate so many people comfortably without any intrusion. We both absolutely love the kitchen with the space that allows for multiple cooks.

Our animals make it pretty special. Since living here, we’ve even had a couple of births - Sonny Bill the baby alpaca and young Patrick the completely black lamb (except for the white tip on his tail). We’ve rescued some too, including couple of Appleyard Ducks and Guinea Fowl. They are all a close knit family.

What's something not everyone may know about the area?

The area itself is beautiful and the views from the home and all around are breathtaking.

There’s lots of lovely restaurants dotted around the area, as well as beautiful walking trails and waterfalls close by that are well worth visiting.