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[VIDEO] La Macelleria Gelateria | The Secret to Making Brisbane’s Best Gelato

Friday June 9, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

Can you imagine living in a city where you have beautiful gelato shops on every corner… what an absolute dream!

Coming from the Italian ‘capital city of gelato’, the owner of La Macelleria Gelateria, Matteo Zini, is blessing the people of Brisbane with the very best, Italian gelato, right in the heart of Teneriffe.

So, what exactly goes into making the perfect gelato?

We were lucky enough to be shown the gelato making process, which of course involves a lot of skill and love to get it just right.

Why did you decide to open a gelato business?

I have been a gelato lover since I was very young.

The city where I come from in Italy, Bologna, is the capital of gelato where we have the oldest company which produced the first ever gelato machine.

We have a facility in Bologna called the ‘Gelato University’, which teaches people about the art and science behind gelato and this is where I studied how to make gelato.

I started looking into the gelato business about 5 years ago in Italy when I left my office job and decided I wanted to start my own business.

Why did you choose to bring gelato to Brisbane?

I travelled to Australia after I graduated and I absolutely loved it.

Out of all the time I was here I did not have one gelato, so I realised there was a need.

I thought, well why don’t I bring the beautiful gelato from Bologna, and make it here in Australia.

There’s always so much going on around Teneriffe, it’s a very trendy, happening suburb.

Since the beginning I wanted my shop to be a destination, rather than a place where people just walk past and pop in.

We’re very focused on our quality and our unique flavours and we wanted people to come here to experience all the effort that we put into gelato making.

We love seeing people come back with their friends and family, spend a bit of time relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.