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Inner North | The 5 Best Dog-Date Destinations

Thursday August 31, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


Author Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

These days it’s not just the two-legged population embracing Brisbane’s café scene, our four-legged companions can also join in on all the fun.

From New Farm to Newstead Park and surrounds, the inner north of Brisbane has great green space to keep our pups happy, but not only that, it now also has a vast range of eateries for the perfect doggie dates!

We walked the streets with our furry friend on the hunt for places to eat and drink that you’ll BOTH approve of.

Here we have a list of “pooch approved” venues for your next family day out.  

Jamie’s Espresso Bar

On any day of the week, you’ll find every man and his dog down at this laid back café.

Occupying a laneway just off James street, the relaxed nature of Jamie’s is one you and your pup will love – no wonder it’s a go-to for locals.

Enjoy a signature (outstanding) espresso and a slice of rustic do-it-yourself avo on toast, while your four-legged friend pulls up next to you enjoying the open space and their doggy bowl.

TIP: The graffiti decorated laneway has had a makeover that you MUST check out.

 Photo Credit:  @jamiesespresso   Photo Credit: @jamiesespresso

Miss Jones Café

New Farm's newest resident in town, Miss Jones, welcomes you and your pup to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and killer breakfast menu.

The inside of the café is worth taking a look at (and getting a shot for Instagram) but for those of you with a furry companion, there’s outside tables for you and your pup to soak up the sun and watch the world go by.

We’re pretty certain that no matter what you order off the menu you and your dog will sure love an extra side of bacon.

 Photo Credit:  @willow_wanders   Photo Credit: @willow_wanders

The Gettin’ Place

The Gettin’ Place has got to be the cutest place for your doggy date.

Occupying a quaint cottage on James Street, The Gettin’ Place has transformed the backyard into the ultimate doggy dining experience.

The grassy area is fenced with water bowls and posts to tie the lead to as well as big umbrellas providing shade in case you and your pup need some time out of the sun.

Well known as a dog friendly destination, it won’t be just you giving your dog all the love! They’re bound to receive multiple pats from other pet loving customers and staff.

 Photo Credit:  @thegettinplace  Photo Credit: @thegettinplace

 Photo Credit:  @thegettinplace  Photo Credit: @thegettinplace

Pineapple Express

Are you and your pooch in the mood for something delicious AND nutritious?

James Streets superfood café, Pineapple Express, is the perfect spot to enjoy good food (that’s also good for your insides) and hang out with your dog with the relaxed outdoor atmosphere.

Tie the lead up under the shade of an umbrella, water bowl by their side, and know that you and your pup are openly welcome to relax in the tropical style sanctuary.

 Photo Credit: @pineappleexpresscafe Photo Credit: @pineappleexpresscafe

Green Beacon

Doggy dates aren’t just about smashed avo and acai bowls in the sun.

Tenerife’s Green Beacon brewery welcomes doggies to come along to the industrial space to enjoy their drink of choice – one of the breweries craft beers for yourself, and a bowl of cold, fresh water for your pup.

What’s better than a beer with your best mate?

Occupying a large warehouse on Helen street, the large roller dogs let in a breeze to ensure you and your dog are comfortable. We’re sure they’ll enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere of the space.

 Photo Credit:  @greenbeacon  Photo Credit: @greenbeacon