Melt Brothers | It’s Easy Being Cheesy!

Friday April 7, 2017 ● By My Place Our Place

Author // Shannon Edwards, Place New Farm

From a sibling’s love for the cheesy goodness of an all-time American favourite…  Melt Brothers was born.

Two Brissy brothers, Felix and Justin Kong, have made our dreams come true, opening an eatery in the city’s Gresham Lane dedicated to toasties.

With the risk of sounding ‘cheesy’, we honestly can’t think of anything much better.

And with ‘National Grilled Cheese Day’ lurking in the near future, what is more fitting than a day with the grilled cheese champions.

How did Melt Brothers begin?

We took a trip to America last year where grilled cheese sandwiches are all the rage.

We wanted to bring the same cheesy goodness to the streets of Brisbane, but giving it our own personal touch.

We’ve taken the simple grilled cheese toasted sandwich and made it bigger and better than it’s ever been before.

We’re here to bring grilled cheese to the good people of Brisbane, because hey, who doesn’t love a cheese toastie?

Being in the centre of the city, we have a strong corporate client-base who we feed for breakfast and lunch.

We serve coffee with the finest beans from Fonzie Abbott, making us a one-stop-shop when it comes to fuelling your body for the day.

There’s always an awesome vibe in the area.

We serve drinks from Wednesday to Saturday and what better way to end the week than a cheesy toastie, washed down with a cold one.

 Photo Credit:  Melt Brothers   Photo Credit: Melt Brothers

What are you boys doing for National Grilled Cheese Day?

As any true grilled cheese fanatic will know, next Wednesday April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day.

We will be holding our own shindig in the café this Saturday April 8 in celebration.

Between 10am and 12pm (prime toastie eating time), we invite our customers to come down, enjoy a free grilled cheese on us and chill-out to the live music.  

 Photo Credit:  Melt Brothers   Photo Credit: Melt Brothers

How on earth do we pick?

Well, in this case, it ain’t easy being cheesy.

It can be a tough decision because everything on the menu is great, if we can say so ourselves.

We have worked extra hard to ensure that every one of our items on offer are extraordinary.

We use only the freshest ingredients and offer a variety of mouth-watering cheesy sandwiches, ranging from the classic triple cheese, known as “the mousetrap” to something more adventurous such as the ‘BFC’ (buttermilk fried chicken, slaw, buffalo sauce and aged cheddar).

Oh and if that’s not enough, we have tater-tots and extra-cheesy loaded tater-tots to fulfil all your cheesy needs.

 Photo Credit:  Melt Brothers   Photo Credit: Melt Brothers

Alright, now what we’re all wanting to know, how do you make the perfect grilled cheese?

Firstly, getting the right type of bread is essential.

If you use bread that crunches up when it’s toasted it can hurt the inside of your mouth however, if your bread is too fresh, it will get soggy and just won’t crisp up.

Your bread has to be just right.

And of course, using the perfect cheese is key as all cheese will melt and crisp up differently.

Our secret is to use a blend of soft cheese and hard cheese.