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[VIDEO] Pizzantica | How to Make the Perfect Italian Pizza

Friday July 7, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

Crispy crust, sweet tomato base, stringy cheese… is there really anything better than pizza?

What’s our favourite pizza? Anything that comes from the Pizzantica kombi ute of course!

You may recognise the Pizzantica kombi from popular locations across Brisbane, such as Green Beacon in Teneriffe.

Born and raised in Italy, the kombi driver, Luca Ferone makes the greatest, authentic pizzas you could imagine.

“I’ve loved pizza since I was a boy. In Italy it’s one of our most popular dishes and I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” says Luca.

We checked out Pizzantica kombi (and ordered a classic margherita of course) and asked Luca how it all began. We also got his insight into what makes the perfect pizza. Check it out!

How does the pizza kombi work?

What’s great about operating out of the kombi is that we can deliver the food to everyone no matter where they are, so the customer doesn’t have to come to us, we can go to them.

In terms of catering, we cover a range of different events. We cater for birthday parties, weddings, work functions and other occasions.

The good thing about our product is that we use the best quality produce. It’s completely authentic, it tastes great and everyone loves it!