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[VIDEO] Paddington | Feel Guilty About Shopping? You Won't at This Place

Friday September 22, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

From fashion and jewellery to ceramics and homewares, Brown’s General Store stocks bespoke items that are all local, Australian and ethical products.

“We call ourselves a general store as we feel that best encompasses everything we stock at Brown’s” says owner, Cate Gilpin.

Having spent some years living in New York, Cate and Nick Gilpin fell in love with the style of shopping that isn’t regularly found here in Brisbane.

We asked Cate and Nick where the idea for Brown’s came from and showed us some of their newest and favourite items in store.

Check it out!

Why is it important for you to support other businesses?

Firstly, most of our products are made by small artisanal spaces that are sourced locally.

We make a living by supporting other makers to make a living.

We think that these smaller, unique creators are helping generate originality and they’re the ones who create unique societies.

If we were buying, wearing and doing the same things then life could get a little boring so it’s great to support those that are adding variety into our lives.  

It’s very important for us to support the community around us in Paddington. We support them and they support us so we can all grow and be successful together.

Small businesses are the biggest employer in Australia so it’s actually about providing an income for these great people.

Tell us about some of the events that you host in store?

We have a couple of exciting events and exhibitions coming up that showcase a creative. We want to draw people in and build our community.

On Thursday the 28th of September we’re having the Spring Delights event which showcases new ethical fashion and jewellery arriving in store for Spring.

On the 6th of October there is the Lights of Paddington fashion parade featuring lots of Paddington traders which we’re also excited to have in the community.

And on the 2nd of December we have our first exhibition opening! This is featuring the amazing Bonnie Hislop, and Angie and Campbell from Ode Ceramics. It is called Raku Rave and we cannot wait!