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[VIDEO] Teneriffe | Be Ready to Become Obsessed with This Workout

Thursday February 1, 2018 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

This “breathtaking, music thumping journey of the mind, body and soul” is what’s known as InspireCycle – the ultimate whole body workout.

Taking place in a candlelit room with the beats of all your favourite songs pumping, InspireCycle is more than just a fab fitness session, it's a place where you can escape and unplug your mind from daily stresses.

“Here at InspireCycle we know each of our clients. We want to know why you’re here and help you achieve all of your goals, whether it be for fun, fitness or to push your limits,” says Alexis Fenton.

Each session uses different speeds, resistance and target areas to ensure each workout is a killer.

How does it all work? Hit play below - we’re sure you’ll be dying to give it a go!


To sign up for their classes check out their site

Special thanks to Jacques Ollivier for the great footage!