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[VIDEO] Brisbane City | Are These the Best Buns in Town?

Friday July 28, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

This food truck is believed to be the very first in Brisbane having started over five years ago… and we say it’s still one of the favourites!

Any idea who we’re talking about?

Run by Harold Fleming, who was previously the executive chef at the Port of Brisbane, providing Bao as their signature dish, The Bun Mobile is chased around Brisbane by hungry bun-loving fans.

Apart of an exciting new foodie venture, The Bun Mobile will be in Brisbane City, right on the banks of the river every month!

WARNING: This video contains seriously delicious footage.

Where did the Bun Mobile come from?

It all started five years ago when I was having a conversation with my step-son.

At the time, we saw food trucks were going to be the next big thing in Queensland so we thought we’d get in the first.

Now, we drive around between various locations from Tuesday to Thursday each week, on Saturdays we do catering for larger events and parties and on Sundays we run food-truck gatherings.

We’ve taken the traditional Bao, that’s been around for thousands of years, to the next step and have created some really unique combos.