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[VIDEO] Brisbane | After Seeing This You’ll NEED to Make Your Own

Thursday August 31, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

Brisbane creatives – we’ve found the Queen of Ceramics!

Bonnie Hislop is a ceramicist who makes fun and functional homewares and accessories with a twist.

Having discovered her love for ceramics and art at a young age, Bonnie creates raw and quirky designs then paint them in ways we’d never think of!

Would you ever look at a mug and think you could turn it into a cat? Well, Bonnie does and she does it well.  

Lucky for us, Bonnie teaches workshops all around Brisbane and frequently here in Fortitude Valley where she provides students with a ‘blank canvas’ for them to decorate as they wish.

How does she do it all? Check it out!

Bonnie, having moved from an office job to pursue your passion, what good do you think ceramic classes provide people?

We’re in a day where we’re constantly busy and always connected to technology.

I’m sure we can all admit it’s a little hard to put down our phones.

Because of this, I’m finding people are craving a reconnection to the earth and have a real need to create with our hands.

I think ceramics helps people find this connection again.

It’s great to see people relax and be completely in the moment.

For me, it’s great to be reminded of how magical that is.

To sign up for Bonnie’s workshops to create your own special goodie, click HERE