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[VIDEO] Albion | A Must-Try Activity for the Creative

Friday November 24, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm

Carol Russell had been working as a furniture maker for almost 30 years until a friend of hers introduced her to a new artform that changed her life.

“I was starting to loose my love for furniture making and a friend introduced me to spoon carving. I quickly fell in love with the art and from that moment on I’ve never wanted to do anything else,” shares Carol.

Carol now teaches people all over Brisbane how to carve spoons of their own, running workshops out of Vieille Branche in Albion.

“What I love about the workshops is, not only watching people learn about the art of woodwork, but also learning about themselves,” says Carol.

To sign up for one of the workshops click HERE