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[VIDEO] Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop | Not Your Average Barber

Thursday June 1, 2017 ● By Georgina Auton // Place Graceville


Author // Georgina Auton, Place Graceville

Barbershops have been around for as long have men have needed haircuts.

But they certainly aren’t what they used to be!

Brisbane’s leading the revolution in a new wave of barbers, providing not just a haircut or shave, but an enjoyable experience for the lads.

Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop at Oxley was the very first of this successful chain.

Jimmy Rod O’Brien opened the doors in 2003 when he was just 21 years old.

Now there’s 11 shops in Brisbane alone and it holds the title as one of the biggest names in the industry across Australia.

When you walk in, the brightly lit space and leather furnishings help radiate that cool, laid-back atmosphere.

 Photo: Supplied Photo: Supplied

Jimmy was inspired to open his own business when he was a successful apprentice.

He says, these days, men don’t want just a haircut - they want an experience.

Women have so many options when it comes to trendy and unique beauty salons, so it’s only fair men can have an equivalent, right?

Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop offers the man cave away from home.

We spoke to Jimmy O’Brien himself about how he went from one barber shop to fourteen and how barbering has changed.