[VIDEO] Mindful Eating | Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut Out Chocolate

Friday April 7, 2017 ● By My Place Our Place

Author // Shannon Edwards, Place Bulimba

With shelves stocked with Easter eggs, and TV commercials flocked with choccie bunnies, we are well aware that Easter is just around the corner.

With all these yummy temptations around, are you feeling a little worried about how to stay healthy this Easter?

Kate Pollard, from Brisbane’s Centre for Integrative Health says it’s time to stop feeling guilty about food and put down the calorie counter.

As a Dietitian, Kate is here to debunk food myths and help us see that healthy eating isn’t about restrictive diets.

Passionate about helping people establish a healthy relationship with food and their body, Kate introduces us to her philosophy of mindful eating.

We were lucky enough to have Kate share with us a recipe for one of her favourite chocolate desserts, ‘Chocolate Avocado Mousse’.

The recipe is super quick and easy, makes almost no mess and (the best thing) is super yummy!

The two main ingredients, avocado and raw cacao powder are also both highly nutritious. They are great for your heart, improving cholesterol levels as well as healthy, glowing skin and hair. So Kate’s chocolate mousse is not only delicious, it’s also nutritious.