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[VIDEO] Bulimba | Why this Treatment Will Make You Feel at Peace

Friday February 9, 2018 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba


By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in an state of utter peace?

Bliss Float in Bulimba is making this a reality for many of their customers with their floatation capsules.

Made up of a heavily concentrated epsom salt formula, the capsules transport you to a place far away from daily life stresses.

“Inside the pods you’re exposed to a sensory deprivation experience, which allows you to completely relax and let go,” says owner and founder of Bliss Float, Amy Wilkinson.

In the serene and luxurious environment of Bliss Float, Amy and her partner Matt McGuinness share some of the many benefits of floating and take us on our very first float experience!