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[VIDEO] Camp Hill | This Place is Every Parent’s Dream Child Care Centre

Thursday July 20, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba


By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba

Having a background in childcare and teaching, and always having for a love for children, mum of two, Jana Walker, has fulfilled her dream of creating a space designed to excite, inspire and educate children.

With the onsite farm animals, veggie garden, library and play space, Timber Tots Child Care in Camp Hill encompasses all the elements to help children grow and develop life skills.

We were lucky enough to get the grand tour of the impressive centre with Jana. Thankfully the kiddies were down for nap time so we had the playground all to ourselves!

How did Timber Tots come about?

This has been a really long dream of mine and, as a family, we’ve made it a reality.

We came across this particular site in Camp Hill that many people knew as an old timber mill - it was here for about 100 years!  

Straight away we knew the property was the right for Timber Tots.

It was a long process getting to where we are today. It took four years of work, from the day we purchased the land to the day the doors opened.

Taking the time to perfect every little aspect was really important to us.

With my background in childcare and teaching there was so much knowledge I wanted to implement and ensure that Timber Tots Child Care is as unique as possible.

I figured that there was a way to make the centre more than a place that would look after your kids during the day, but a place that would excite, inspire and educate children daily.

From our three different playgrounds, the functioning library, dance hall and the open park lands next door where we go on weekly excursions, I think we’ve created a place that little ones really love coming to.  

We really wanted to pay respect to the timber mill that inhabited the space for so many years, hence the name Timber Tots.

We also used a lot of their timber in the construction of the building and the playground.