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[VIDEO] Bulimba | Is this the Best Fitness Revolution?

Friday August 11, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba


By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba

Focussing on spin, barre and yoga classes, Revolution is a boutique studio that’ll really motivate you to work-out, and work hard!

Each of the classes have been specifically designed to target those tricky “trouble areas” and trust us… they’ll leave you burning (in a good way)!

“At Revolution we don’t provide the average workout. All the classes are really dynamic, focussing on working the whole body,” says founder and owner of Revolution, Jennifer Grehan.

What we discovered pretty quickly is that Revolution is not just about fitness but also on wellbeing for both the body and the soul.

We catch up with Jennifer before she steps into a killer barre class and ask, “What makes Revolution so special?”

Why did you choose to specialise in spin, barre and yoga classes?

We chose to specialise in these types of classes as they’re the best at achieving the desired results for our members.

We have found that a lot of women, like myself, have targeted “problem areas” (especially in the lower region) that they’d like to strengthen.

Spin, barre and yoga are all fantastic workouts that focus on those areas and tightening and strengthening them faster than some other exercises.

Offering all sorts of programs from memberships, packages and casual classes, Revolution will work with you to find a program that best suits your health and fitness goals.

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