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[VIDEO] Morningside | Could This Be the Workout to Fix Everything?

Thursday October 26, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba


By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba

Growing up, Alex Richardson was the girl who always wanted to work in the health and fitness industry.

Fast-forward 18 years, she received her first fitness qualification that lead her down the path of becoming a nurse.

“One day I discovered Pilates and it everything changed. It very quickly became my favourite type of exercise and I couldn’t get enough,” says Alex.

“My body had never felt better and my posture had improved dramatically. It was amazing how Pilates made me feel so comfortable in my own skin,” she says.

Alex followed her love for Pilates and opened her own studio in Morningside called Duo Pilates!

We visited the studio for a private class with Alex where she talked through the many benefits of the exercise. It’s safe to say we’re now hooked!

What do you do here at Duo Pilates?

Pilates is all about two things – strengthening and stretching.

For those of you who know very little about Pilates, I have written an ebook called “The Power of Pilates.”

Head to my home page and you will find another e-book that I have written called "6 Exercises You Can Do While You’re Travelling." You can download it for FREE!

I’m also starting a one month of unlimited Pilates offer for $79, which is sure to get you strengthened and stretched.

Sign up for your next class at Duo Pilates HERE.