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4 Must Follow Interior Design Instagram's

Friday May 10, 2019 ● By Emma Maidens // Place Estate Agents


If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for inspiration to help you create an Instagram-worthy home.

This usually leads to countless hours lost to Pinterest, often leaving you feeling overwhelmed and more confused than when you began. But rest easy, help is here! We’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of five interior design Instagram accounts to follow for your daily dose of design inspiration, perfect for brightening your feed and igniting your mind with creative new ideas.

1. Anna Spiro: @annaspiro

Once part owner of Brisbane based homewares store, Black and Spiro, Anna Spiro has shot to notoriety in Brisbane for her interior design of the Howard Smith Wharves over-water bar, Mr Percival’s. If you’ve ventured to Brisbane’s newest evening precinct, you will likely have marvelled over the whimsical design of this popular cocktail destination, named after the Pelican in ‘Storm Boy’. Whether you’re there day or night, it’s impossible to miss the heavily patterned curtains, contrasting furniture upholstery and eye-catching pops of yellow and seafoam throughout.

Another major claim to fame of Anna’s is her design of Halcyon House Hotel at Cabarita Beach, awarded World’s Best Hotel for 2019.

Anna’s Instagram is a reflection of her work, no specific style – but every aspect is complimentary.

She is quoted on her website saying, “The most successful rooms are those that are layered and imperfect and not of any particular style you could ever describe. These rooms are unique to their owners and admired by everyone who steps inside them. They are the rooms we should all endeavour to live in because they truly reflect the lives of the people who own them.”

Her Instagram feed mirrors this ethos, overflowing with interiors featuring bold patterns, splashes of primary colours and overall, a distinctly ‘Anna Spiro’ vibe. Keep an eye out, as Anna is involved in future Howard Smith Wharves projects, including a bakery, Chinese restaurant, garden restaurant and wine bar.

2. Coco Republic: @cocorepublic

Coco Republic was originally a humble Australian homewares store and has now expanded to the point of branching into our friendly New Zealand neighbours mid-2019. Not only a retail entity though, Coco Republic has four divisions, also specialising in interior design, property styling and design school.

Their Instagram is full of breathtaking, contemporary interiors, all of which unsurprisingly feature the stores items. Whether you’re a Coco Republic regular or not, you’ll be able to appreciate the tasteful design and potentially add a new item to your wish list during every scroll.

3. Design with Care: @designwcare

The combination of the Instagram handle and tagline “eco-conscious interiors” leaves no guesses as to the overriding theme of this Instagram. Promoting a distinctly sustainable design style, @designwcare posts everything from upcycling ideas to tips on hosting a ‘Zero Waste Party’.

This Instagram recognises that as consumers, we are becoming increasingly conscious of the ethical and environmental implications our purchases. No longer limited to just food and clothing choices, consideration to sustainability has filtered through to all aspects of our lives, including interior design.

This Instagram lets you indulge your interior design obsession, while keeping a clear conscience. The overall vibe is distinctly minimalist, to align with their ‘less is more’ messaging. And with such beautiful interiors, we must admit it’s hard to disagree! Follow @designwcare to ‘maximise your space and reduce your waste’.

4. Curated Spaces: @curated_spaces

Now that you’re inspired to style your space in an eco-friendly way, follow @curated_spaces for the perfect balance of inspiration-meets-potential new additions. This interior design Instagram also acts as an online marketplace for furniture trading.

All items featured are vintage and available for purchase. From gorgeous armchairs that conjure images of dimly lit libraries, to contemporary glass dining tables that embody modern design, everything is up for grabs. All the furniture is pictured in a perfectly styled setting, so whether you recreate, make a purchase or create something of your own to sell – this feed is a guaranteed hub for inspiration.

These days we spend as much time in the social media world as we do our favourite spaces.

It's important in an era where our phones are glued to our hands that we ensure our feeds are as carefully curated as our homes. Choosing to follow Instagram accounts that have a positive and inspiring effect on us is more important than ever. So why not appease your eyes with these beautiful interior design Instagram accounts, while simultaneously filling your head with ideas for your next project? We have a feeling you won’t regret it!