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Matt Brandon

Lead Agent, Projects

Matt Brandon joined Place Projects in 2012. Matt’s current role as an Investment Sales Advisor is to seek and establish selling channels through financial planners, investment sellers and SMSFs. Matt prides himself on building relationships with these institutions, providing Place Projects with a diverse range of ways to market and distribute developers’ products to a wider market.

Matt completed his high school education at Churchie and has completed his Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Economics and Banking and Finance at the Queensland University of Technology. His professional career started at the ABN AMRO Morgans Stockbroking firm, known now as RBS Morgans. Following this, he moved into a full-time role in the dealing room at Burrell Stockbroking.

Prior to real estate, Matt’s career took a turn into professional rugby, leading him to travel the world. This step in Matt’s life saw him travelling to Ireland, Japan and finally back to Australia with the Western Force in Perth.

Matt brings his vast knowledge from the financial sector into real estate for the purpose of helping clients maximise their investment outcomes. 

Matt Brandon

Lead Agent

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