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Lachlan Walker

Advisory Director, Projects

Lachlan's experience and intellectual property on the Brisbane residential property market has been an integral element sought by clients entering the Brisbane residential market. With over 10 years' experience as a specialist residential researcher, Lachlan's understanding of the local market has provided guidance to clients ranging from first home buyers to experienced investors; from small private developers to large multi-national publicly listed

companies. As a director of Place Advisory and Place Projects, Lachlan is in a unique role within the residential industry, combining market leading research with feedback from SEQ's most active sales team.

Lachlan's role is to gather and apply intelligence garnered, both internally and externally, to gain a comprehensive understanding of residential projects in order to provide product specific advice to our clients. Having worked closely with countless sales teams and residential projects across Brisbane, Lachlan's direction on price, design, target markets, and marketing strategy based upon statistics and fact has been recognised as invaluable.

Lachlan Walker

Advisory Director

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