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Are You Ready for The Technological Changes in Property Management?

Friday August 10, 2018 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Estate Agents


In this digital age, technology inevitably influences our day-to-day life. From the way we communicate to how we process documents, advancements in technology have seen significant changes across many careers.

Director of Property Management at Place Estate Agents, Cathie Crampton, shares how technology will change the property management career.

“Understanding these technologies and embracing their capabilities will create the property managers of the future,” says Cathie.

What technological changes are in property management?

Currently the biggest change in property management is the technology systems which have become available.

“Some people may see these systems as a challenge, as with this technology comes a lot of change. However, I believe this is positive change and will to continue to create more opportunity in the career.” Cathie says.

At the moment, the most common debate with property management and technology is whether to stay ‘server based’ or move to a ‘cloud based system’.

“In order to set yourself up for the future in this career it would be my recommendation to transition into cloud based software.” advises Cathie.

Why is this important? These programs allow people from across different locations to actively access portals of information and be updated in real time.

“If doing this, it’s important to ensure the information stored in these cloud based programs is accurate. You should then consider opening portals for clients to access their information at any time which creates an honest, transparent experience for the clients.” Cathie says.

What changes do you believe technology will bring to property management?

A number of tasks which are typically done by property managers are very transactional, time consuming tasks. Technology can complete these tasks in an automated, time effective way.

“Property managers who embrace these technologies will expand their skill sets and position them as property managers of the future. I believe these systems will encourage property managers to be more pre-emptive as opposed to reactive.” Cathie tells us.

From there, with transactional tasks becoming automated, property managers can focus on effective communication and how to be advisory for the client.  This will make property management more efficient, information more accessible, and property management more important for landlords and investors alike.


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