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What should you expect when selling your place?
You should expect professional, personalised service from experts who know the Brisbane property market. They should be totally committed to working on your behalf. They should deliver the result you want – the best possible price.

Our business is built on exceeding clients’ expectations.  That’s why so many people choose us each year to sell or rent their place.

We don’t just know our way around Brisbane – We know the culture of the place
We understand the unique style of living in this busy, vibrant city of ours.  Our business is structured to meet your demands.  You expect a first class service, efficiency and results.  We’re committed to all three – especially delivering results.

The art of putting people in their place
30,000 prospective buyers are registered on our email data base with us at any one time and up to 2,500 new buyers contact us every month.  With so many buyers competing for properties, you can be sure we’ll find you the right buyer – and the optimum price.

We’ve turned the whole place upside down
Place Estate Agents was established in September 2002 with the goal of breaking free from real estate traditions and reaching an all-new level of customer service.  As a renowned innovator in the Brisbane real estate industry, Place is the first private company to offer buyers a ‘one office, multiple locations’ approach.  With the introduction of Place offices in Sydney, our ability to provide complete market coverage of the Sydney and Brisbane areas has been cemented.  At Place, our staff, marketing, technology and the way in which we welcome innovation are all unique.

We’ve got all the right people in the all the right places
Traditionally, real estate agents have spent most of their time searching for new property listings.  Once they’ve gained a new listing, they then proceed to marketing the property, write the ads, arrange the photography, conduct the inspections and negotiate the sale.  All these tasks leave them with precious little time to actually ‘sell’ the property they’ve listed.  At Place we have a team of skilled property sales people that focus 100% of their time on talking to potential buyers and selling your property.  Throughout the sales process, this sales team is supported by our own in-house group of highly trained professionals including a marketing department, photographers, buyer specialists, copywriters, graphic designers, customer service agents and legal contracts department.

The Place To Be Seen
Through the creative use of advertising mediums, our P.R company, our website, and the attention grabbing street presence of our sales offices, we will show your property to its full potential.  Our website is one of the most visited property websites, generating high volumes of traffic.  Places magazine, featuring a high quality display of client properties, is distributed free throughout Brisbane and Sydney.   You also receive the benefit of a powerful page-dominant presence in The Courier Mail.  This is supported by fresh eye catching email alerts and our outdoor advertising that include a memorable fleet of Mini Coopers.  All this activity is designed with one thing in mind, to make your property stand out from the crowd.  The more potential buyers we attract, the greater the competition.  Competition that will drive a higher price for your property.

Your place on a pedestal
We’ve all heard the phrase “Fish where the fish are”.  In the context of real estate that means being presented in a superior manner on the channels that your prospective buyers use to shop around.  In today’s media jungle, while traditional channels like press remain important, having a strong, professional and persuasive on-line presence is vital.  We specialise in leveraging the power of the internet to present your property in the best way possible.  Our dedicated team of copywriters and graphic designers work together to capture your property in the best possible light and then to present it in appropriate media quickly and efficiently.  At you will find floor plans, professional colour photography, location maps along with a printable colour brochure on every property regardless of price. 

We don't just put your place on the market, we sell it.

A Gift To You!
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