The Beach People

The Beach People are makers of luxe seaside essentials, designed to bring bliss to your sea adventures. Based in the Northern Rivers of NSW, the company was founded in the summer of 2013 by Victoria Beattie and her sister Emma. Places Magazine caught up with Victoria to learn more about The Beach People, and how the company has grown to a community of like minded sea lovers around the globe.

What’s it like starting a business with your sister? 

It’s been the most wonderful journey. Em and I were best friends before we started the business and were hesitant to go into business at the risk of damaging that relationship. However, from the very beginning it was evident that we worked really well together. Emma is incredibly creative and I am more methodical, it’s been a great combo. I think we have both also loved celebrating the highs and getting through the lows together. 

You grew up in Brisbane but moved to Kingscliff a few years ago. Was the sea change the inspiration behind The Beach People? 

Absolutely. We grew up on Mowbray Terrace in East Brisbane. I remember when South Bank was built and when the CityCats started, ha! Emma was actually born on the Gold Coast and the majority of our family live around the coast. I think it was inevitable that we would move back to the coast at some time. We thought that with the sea change we wouldn’t have the opportunity in business that being in a big city would bring, but it hasn’t been the case. We have been able to build this incredible team and business living two minutes from the beach.


Are your products only for people who live by the beach? 

The Beach People products are inspired by the sea but are for all sea lovers, no matter where you live, it’s really for anyone that loves our aesthetic. We have stores selling our products from Alaska to Osaka and everywhere in-between. I think the people that buy our products love nice things but are still adventurous. It’s an understated luxury - not pretentious at all. It’s for everyone to enjoy. 

What has been the biggest achievement so far? 

I think success for us is remaining happily married and raising happy children. Business is so up and down so we find it’s best not to let the highs or the lows rule you. We try not to focus on the achievements too much. For me, I would say seeing our team grow, it’s such a privilege to be surrounded by incredibly talented, hard working people. Em always says that seeing people out and about using our products is a highlight for her. 

Some other career highlights would be collaborating with Net-A-Porter, being stocked in Bergdorf Goodmans, Bloomingdales and Selfridges and seeing people love what we do. 

How would you describe your style? 

Relaxed, ready for adventure, slightly bohemian and understated. 

What are the biggest challenges you have had to overcome? 

I’m incredibly organised and everyday the business throws something out of the blue at you, that’s been a challenge for me. I think it’s also been challenging growing a global business from Australia. We now deal in over 40 different countries which involves multiple entities, tax structures, currencies, time zones, cultures, legalities and the list goes on… it’s not all palm trees and sunshine that’s for sure! 

Can people find you on social media? 

We love social media, it’s the best way to connect with like-minded sea lovers from all around the world and share what we love. It’s so fun and a huge part of our business. 

What’s on the horizon for The Beach People in 2017? 

I am very excited to be able to finally talk about our new Bath Collection which launches in the next month. We are working around the clock on some amazing new product categories beyond the beach for The Beach People, so that’s exciting! 


Fine Lines - An Interview with CJ Hendry

When CJ Hendry dropped out of a degree in architecture, she had little idea what her future might hold.

While she had discovered early that a life of working with CAD programs and designing floor plans wasn’t for her, she was determined to carve a career doing something that she passionately enjoyed.

Unfortunately for the architectural industry, CJ’s passion was art; in particular she had a penchant for creating intricate, detailed, hyper-realistic artwork - images that looked like black and white photos.

Fast forward 5 years, and the prodigiously talented Brisbane girl finds herself based in New York where she is currently working up to 15 hours a day to prepare a series of artworks she’s titled “The Trophy Room”.

The collection will be exhibited in New York City in November this year. CJ’s rise to prominence has been meteoric with her work now attracting the attention of large corporations, international collectors, musicians, sportspeople and celebrity performers. Not bad for girl who sold all her possessions after quitting uni and a retail job to ‘give art a go’.

Places Magazine was fortunate enough to spend a few moments with the prolific fine artist.

Is it true you got your big break through posting your work on Instagram?

I’ve been building up my social media account for close to four years and have had some help along the way. It’s about being incredibly determined, that has been my main driver of success. The harder I work, the luckier I get.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all over, anywhere and everywhere. You can never plan how it comes, it just happens.

Who are your favourite artists?

KAWS (Brian Donelly, a New York-based artist and designer of limited edition toys and clothing) for his extraordinary scale and simplicity. While Robert Longo (US painter and sculptor) and Jonathan Delafield Cook (ex pat illustrator based in London) have certainly helped inspire my style of photorealism.

Why did you move to New York?

I love a challenge. I want to play with the big boys. You never know what opportunities will present themselves when you put yourself out there in the capital of the world.

Big brands feature in many of your drawings. Where did the fascination begin?

It began at a very young age, before I could afford luxury. Straight out of high school I would buy things I wanted with money I didn’t have and the obsession grew deeper and deeper. It has been a point of reference for a long time. Having said that, I’m not as obsessed with luxury as I once was. I now have more to say in my artwork and will be pushing my subject matter in the up and coming years.

What’s on the agenda for the next year?

It’s hard to say. At the moment I’m just working really hard and staying focused. I’m working for two major shows this year: one in New York in November, and one in Miami this December.

Any plans to move to Brisbane?

Never say never. Brisbane is my hometown, and my family is there. But at this stage I’m working towards a dream and my family is very supportive of that.